The Golden Madonna | © Ralf Schultheiß/EMG
The Golden Madonna | © Ralf Schultheiß/EMG

On the trail of Krupp and the Golden Madonna

Weekend trip

On the trail of Krupp and the Golden Madonna

Day 1: Relaxing in the countryside: Hiking and culture

Big city hiking without skyline and concrete - you can only experience this in Essen. The Kettwiger Panoramasteig takes you on 34 kilometres through fields, forests and the beautiful Ruhr valley. The BaldeneySteig impresses with its 26 km long circular trail around one of the largest inner-city recreation areas in Germany, Baldeneysee . Here you will find green as far as the eye can see, the blue of the lake and the magnificent view from Germany's largest single-family home - Villa Hügel , the former ancestral home of the Krupp family. You should not miss a guided tour of the villa! By the way: Both hiking trails can be easily divided and are therefore also very good for beginners. After a strenuous day of hiking, you can easily get back to the city by bus or train. Now you can see again that you are in a big city! In the trendy district Südviertel you can enjoy a cosy start to the evening in numerous bars, cult pubs and small restaurants. The nightlife district Rüttenscheider Straße is also within walking distance or can be reached by tram. Here, too, you can linger until deep into the night if you like, before probably falling into bed dead tired.

Day 2: A journey into the past

Once you have got your probably heavy legs out of bed, your contrast programme starts in Essen. After breakfast, it's off to a real haven of peace in the middle of Essen's city centre. On a guided tour of Essen Cathedral and its cathedral treasury , you will discover works of art of inestimable value. The highlight is the Golden Madonna , the most important work of art in the Ruhr region and the oldest fully sculptural image of the Virgin Mary in the world - dating from around 980 AD. For lunch, a visit to the Il Mulino restaurant or La Grappa , with one of the largest and most exclusive wine collections in the region, is a good idea. Afterwards, meet your guide who will take you on a journey through the 1000-year history of the city of Essen. If you don't have to travel home afterwards, why not take a stroll through the city centre with its many shopping opportunities and the Limbecker Platz shopping centre . In the evening, let yourself be pampered at your hotel - you've definitely done enough kilometres already!

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