Mixed reality city tour

Essen 1887 – A Mixed Reality journey through time

Essen 1887

Mixed reality city tour

Awarded at the Tourism Innovation Awards in the category "Customer Experience" in Seville, Spain, and Gold in the category "Tourism" at the World Media Festivals in Hamburg.

Experience an absolute world first in Essen, in the heart of the Ruhr area. Using mixed reality glasses and Bluetooth headphones, we will send you on a journey through time in Essen's city centre. A digital experience in a class of its own, for all those who want to experience the future of city tours up close. Thanks to the latest technology, the year 1887 is created before your very eyes. You see carriages, animals, buildings and people in period costumes and characters who interact with you - as realistically as if they were standing in front of you. And all this in the middle of Essen's city centre. There is currently no other city tour of this kind in the world. You are right in the middle of things without losing sight of your surroundings. With the Nreal Light glasses, here and now blend with virtual reality. Unlike virtual reality glasses, you never lose sight of your surroundings. During the almost two-hour tour of Essen's city centre, the virtual world overlays what everyone else sees at certain points. A fascinating experience for technically savvy people. Book a ticket here now !

By the way: Travelling back in time is possible in German, English and Dutch. "Essen 1887" is a technically sophisticated product that requires a certain affinity. Please refer to the questions & answers at the bottom of the page. In addition, each person goes on the tour alone, it is not a group event! You only start together with up to 8 people, but usually do not come back at the same exact time.


The Characters

Meet people from 1887, embodied by well-known actors and celebrities. Wander through historical settings. Henning Baum, as the innkeeper, guides you through the history of the city and the day of the funeral of the great industrialist Alfred Krupp. Tatjana Clasing, as Wilhelmine Grillo, lets you take part in the founding of the theatre of the same name. Star chef Nelson Müller, Alicja Rosinski, the rap duo 257ers or entertainer Harry Wijnvoord also provide surprising moments. Experience food as no one has seen it before. The latest technical standards meet history, culture and entertainment. The world premiere of city tours is only available in this form in Essen. The city in the heart of the Ruhr region thus continues its history of great pioneers and will inspire you. Try it out and book your time travel now .

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